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Review 1:
"Debut unveils nightmare scenario" - Terry Peters, North Shore News

As we dream a cast of characters parade through our minds but what if they weren’t all created by our subconscious? What if those people we interact with while we sleep were also dreaming and their dreams were able to touch our own? Into this dream world marches Peter Sutherland, a scientist who has broken through into a realm where dreams can be controlled. Sutherland soon discovers that there are others seeking to access that control for evil purposes. Vancouver author Erik Graham provides an exciting storyline in his first novel that turns the unreal into the real. As the line between fantasy and fact disappears the threat of violence creeps forward and Sutherland finds out that dreams can kill and he may be next.

Review 2:
“A fast pace thriller that makes you think twice about going to sleep again.”

“Dreamweave” is the scientific/fantasy debut novel from Erik Graham that explores the interconnectiveness of the human dream world. Dr. Peter Sutherland is a scientist who heads up a small research team that studies oneirology, the study of dreams. When Peter finds himself and his colleagues in jeopardy from Zicon, a large pharmaceutical and medical instruments industry, he steps up to the plate in a race to save the human dream world and in turn the human race itself. It is an interesting perspective on meeting others from around the world in our dreams. Thought provoking and seen from a multiperspective point of view. Graham descriptively explores the global world through a variety of different characters in varied locations as well as through the dream landscape from eastern United States, to Brazil, Costa Rica, Germany, the Philippines and Switzerland. Dr. Peter Sutherland struggles to find the one key object to save humankind, the world and the "dream weave.”

It is a classic good versus evil, small group versus big industry, and dream exploration versus dream warfare kind of novel. There is also a nice romantic piece incorporated throughout with Peter and Nancy, his assistant, finding them drawn together. Well written erotic scenes. Peter's nemesis, Jack Montgomery, the CEO of Zicon is a ruthless billionaire who is bitter from a recent split with his wife. He is only interested in using new technology for his own good. Dr. Fritz Rheinfalt; is a German scientist living out the rest of his years in Costa Rica who is suddenly contacted by Zicon to continue his experimental research work that he started years before for Adolph Hitler without care of the consequences that will follow. The negative impact of the Nazi's continues. Dreamweave is an interesting exploration of our dream world and the vulnerability of all humans. It shows how powerful our dreams are in reality, whether that be for good or evil. It is an entertaining book that I would recommend others to read. Dreamweave is informative yet easy to read. I monopolized the book for a weekend at the beach and found it very entertaining ... a real page turner.


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